About / History

VPET USA, Inc. was established in the US in 2001.

We started by supplying PET containers to our first customers in Southern California. We now have PET container customers throughout California and the rest of the US.

Not only do we have our own direct sales effort, we also have established relationships with a few highly qualified distributors who have contributed to our rapid growth.

Due to this fortunate and significant yearly growth, we were recently able to open a new 120,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the Midwest, which allows us to better serve our greatly broadened base of customers.

In California, we are already moving into our new 240,000 square foot plant in the city of Fontana.

The VPET "In-House Manufacturing" program was launched in 2003. We now have a number of customers who manufacture their own PET containers and have enjoyed a significantly lower cost of their PET packaging needs.