VPET: Fast, effective and Green PET Plastics

VPET USA, Inc. has one of the quickest, most effective and flexible approaches to manufacturing custom and stock PET containers, especially wide mouth jars.

Low cost and high speed to market sets VPET apart from other leading PET manufacturers throughout the country. Under most conditions, if your business needs a custom PET package, no one can design and produce it faster or more cost-effectively than VPET.

VPET has a technological dimension that sets it competitively and creatively apart from the competition and gives our customers a speed to market advantage. That dimension is that we can create new stock and custom containers, in neck sizes from 20 to 157mm, in weights from 8-280 grams, and have them ready for production within weeks, not months.

Contact us to discover how fast we can get your product to market.

VPET has one of the most diverse offerings of stock PET containers, all of which are ready for purchase at some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Looking to significantly reduce costs and, at the same time, shrink your overall carbon footprint in a big way? VPET provides qualified companies with "In-House Manufacturing" capabilities right in their own production facility. This translates into huge package savings and eliminates the inbound freight associated with delivered finished goods. Contact us to learn more about this unique and value producing opportunity.