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VPET Plastics Acquisition Of Canyon Plastics

March 7, 2022

We are excited to announce that Canyon Plastics is now part of the VPET USA family. By combining the expertise and offerings of the two companies, we will be able to offer customers more variety, flexibility, an agile customer experience, and a national network with added resources, support and technology. 


This combination will add VPET Plastics’ focus on specialty food and beverage with Canyon Plastics’ focus on nutrition to offer an expanded portfolio of HDPE and PET wide-mouth containers for small- and medium-sized customers.  It will also enable customers at all VPET locations to access the broader portfolio from Canyon.


Canyon Plastics has a broad portfolio of nutrition and sports nutrition products that range from small jars to large sports nutrition containers in both HDPE and PET.  The portfolio is supported by a large complement of HDPE extrusion capability and single stage PET ISBM capability. It’s a great combination for the growing nutritional market. 


VPET Plastics is a leading manufacturer of PET products in specialty food and beverage and sports nutrition. Similarly, VPET has a wide range of wide mouth containers but focused on  food, beverage and sports nutrition. This is supported by VPET 2 stage PET manufacturing platforms that can run all our molds at all facilities. 


This merger will allow us to leverage the strategic capabilities of Canyon Plastics across our network of manufacturing and warehouse locations to gain flexibility and agility with small- and medium-sized customers as we expand into new markets. By expanding our offering with PET and HDPE, in markets like sports nutrition we now can deliver one stop support for the entire market. 


What Can Customers Expect in The Short-Term?


For current VPET Plastics customers, this allows for more incremental technologies, such as blow molding, single-stage injection stretch blow molding and additional two-stage wide mouth capabilities, which will further enhance the breadth of our collective offerings and technological capabilities. For Canyon Plastics customers, they will experience more agility and flexibility with investment in technologies and customer service functions to better serve customers. 


How Will This Impact Operations?


For the short term, the two companies will operate separately. Canyon Plastics will continue as A VPET Plastics Company and will operate as a closely aligned but separate entity for day-to-day operations. VPET Plastics will invest in Canyon Plastic’s assets and people and continue to build on Canyon Plastics excellence. Distributors will be able to sell across more product segments with a broader portfolio options and additional manufacturing support. End-users will have access to added resins, technologies and market expertise. 


With the addition of Canyon Plastics’ Valencia, CA, plant as well as the latest VPET USA facility in Greer, South Carolina, the joint partnership allows us to better serve the market coast-to-coast, making it easier to do business.


Commitment to Excellence


Joining VPET Plastics and Canyon Plastics is the latest step in bringing innovative products, supply chain solutions, leading technologies, and top customer service to the market. Along with the recent opening of a new facility in Greer, South Carolina, this move confirms our commitment to existing and potential customers.


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Krista Rowe