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The Leader In Stock & Custom PET Manufacturing

Shorter lead times and lower PET packaging costs with VPET


At VPET USA, LLC., we continually research and evaluate the latest developments in PET plastics manufacturing in an effort to improve our product quality and operating flexibility while reducing manufacturing costs and environmental impact.

We have drawn on our extensive experience and market research to select standard product dimensions that fit many applications of everyday packaging needs.

Fast, Effective
& Sustainable


We can create new stock and custom containers, in neck sizes from 20 to 157mm, in weights from 8-280 grams, and have them ready for production within weeks, not months. We use PET resin which is BPA free and 100% recyclable.

Since VPET’s inception in 2001, we currently have three manufacturing plants strategically located in California, Texas, and Illinois as well as in-house manufacturing plants in various locations across the globe.


  • 1997 Founded VPET Taiwan
  • 2001 Inception of VPET USA and the first
    two-step wide mouth process in the US
  • 2003 In-House Manufacturing program launches


  • 592K combined square footage of VPET manufacturing and plant facilities in Fontana, CA, Garland, TX, and Romeoville, IL
  • 10M+ pounds of resin processed each year
  • 800+ employees across the world
Today, VPET’s production facilities span over 1,000,000 square feet in California, Texas, Illinois, Taiwan and China.

The Latest PET Manufacturing Technology


VPET has one of the quickest, most effective and flexible approaches to manufacturing custom and stock PET containers. We have a technological dimension that sets it competitively and creatively apart from the competition and gives our customers a speed to market advantage.