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Food Products

Today, consumers are focused on preserving food’s freshness—and protecting our planet, too. PET bottles for food storage let you combine SQF-certified food safety properties with the easily recyclable, sustainable formats your customers seek.

PET is the most recycled plastic in the U.S.1

of purchase decisions are driven by shelf appeal2

of consumers will select transparent packaging over non-transparent version3


1 PET Resin Association study
2 “Why Color Matters,” Colorcom blog
3 Association for Consumer Research study

The next step in PET protection

Our team of experts can help you explore the limitless possibilities of PET bottles for food packaging.

PET’s single-material design and excellent barrier properties protect and preserve contents to retain freshness.

PET is easily recyclable and can be lightweight/low resin to further support earth-friendly initiatives.

Shelf appeal
Crystal-clear material for simple product view-ability and total design flexibility allow you to take your package design even further.

VPET offers the largest wide-mouth selection of food grade PET bottles for stock or custom applications.

SQF certification
All VPET manufacturing facilities adhere to a shared focus on food safety and operational excellence.

FOB selection ensures you get product when you need it. Plus, our focus on short-run, seasonal orders support your marketing plans and supply chain requirements.
PET Solutions for Popular
& Emerging Food Categories

Nut Butters

Spread the news! PET offers an earth-friendly option with the shapes and sizes that fit your brands!

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Bring excellence to bear with PET honey jars in all the sweet shapes your audiences seek.

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Pickled Foods

Pickled and fermented foods fly off the shelves when consumers can see the fresh, colorful products inside.

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Snack Foods

Give shoppers a snacktastic choice with clear, wide-mouth PET packaging that keeps sweet and salty treats fresh and handy.

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