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Meeting emerging consumer demand for organic and cold-pressed juices and other beverages starts with a PET packaging partner who combines responsiveness with a wide range of stock and custom plastic beverage bottles that helps you stand apart.


Our large portfolio of narrow-neck PET plastic beverage bottles offers unique, readily available stock items and custom options that can be made from existing preforms in less than 12 weeks for lightning-fast lead times.


As a premier plastic beverage bottle supplier, VPET offers a range of options—from shots to single-serve sizes—to meet your unique requirements for beverage SKUs across the entire product family.

Shelf Appeal

Because PET offers transparent color choices and less resin without sacrificing structural integrity, you have more design and merchandising possibilities to capture attention and win on the shelf.

rPET: Meeting the demand

Single-use plastic is gaining attention in the beverage category. That's why an option like recycled PET plastic beverage bottles is the earth-friendly choice to keep your packaging out of landfills.

100% recyclable for a low carton footprint

Less energy used to recycle and create rPET bottles


Super lightweight design reduces transport costs, lessens CO2 emissions

Shatterproof, safe and hygienic

Meets corporate commitments to reduce landfill waste
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